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You are the glue that keeps society together. You smile at babies and open doors for nice old ladies. And for pennies a day you will get access to my Patron Feed where you will see monthly updates, short stories, insights into my writing process, and novel snippets.
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I am learning to be a writer. For as little as $1 a month you can get access to my stories, novel snippets and more. The money helps me afford to learn and grow. You are my hero for supporting me.

Who Am I?
I’m Holli and I’m what people might call unconventional (although weird works too). I’m the kid that quoted Shakespeare in 7th grade and the one that taught herself how to read Mayan (this was proto-internet days so I hope you are impressed!). I’m the college student that joined the Army ROTC without talking to a recruiter and loved every minute of her training because it was incredibly challenging and rewarding (that’s a lie I didn’t love any training that involved gas masks). I’m the backpacker that visited 50 countries, bungee jumped off the Victoria Falls bridge, floated in the Red Sea, learned to SCUBA dive in Bali, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. And now I’m a writer hard at work on the scariest challenge of all–getting published.

Why Am I Here?
I originally started this Patreon as a means of tracking my self-directed MFA. I took a year, lived off my savings, and focused on teaching myself writing. The support I received here kept me motivated and paid for conferences, books, and workshops. Now I am back at a paying job but I am far from done learning and growing as a writer.
There was a time when “write a novel” or “get published by the end of the year” were my New Years Resolutions. I know better now. I know that on average aspiring authors take 10 years to get published. I know that being a writer is a long and difficult journey. These days I am more realistic but no less determined to be a writer. That’s why I have decided to start what I am calling my “writer apprenticeship”

An apprentice is a student of a craft who works for years learning from other masters. An apprentice isn’t expected to be perfect but they are expected to learn, produce art, and develop mastery. In my writer apprenticeship I will do the following:
  • Engage with other writers through my writing group, workshops, and critiques. 
  • Read something every day. 
  • Write regular short stories.
  • Engage in media criticism every week. Through reading or watching others analysis or by doing my own. 
  • Read one craft book a month
  • Write at least one novel every year. It doesn’t have to be perfect or get published but I need to complete it. 
  • Attend 1-3 conferences every year where I can learn from published writers.

Why Patreon?
Patreon helps artists create by giving their fans a chance to become patrons. Patrons give money monthly and receive rewards in return. In this journey it is hard to believe in yourself or to know if you are any good. Having patrons that I know believe in me and my ability to someday be published is priceless. Patrons also provide accountability and makes this apprenticeship a little less lonely.

All money I receive from my patrons goes towards funding my apprenticeship. I use it to buy books, pay for online courses, pay entrance and submission fees for contests and magazines, and go to writing conferences.

Thanks for reading and for any and all support you are able to give (even if it's just verbal or written).

You are my Hero!

$60 of $125 per month
Conference Goer 
One of the key professional development activities for any writer are writing conferences. I will be attending at least three every year but by reaching this goal ALL of my conferences will be mostly funded.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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