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About HolloWrites

Hollo is Writing Original fiction!
What kind of original fiction? Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, pretty much everything. The only way to sharpen writing skills is to WRITE, and that's what I plan to do. The main goal here, with this patreon, is to share my writing and OC's in a variety of AU's as I polish up their personalities and characterizations to prepare for the Real Stories they belong in. 

Hope you enjoy, hope you stick around, and if you're enjoying please let me know!

Planned Series Projects:
Catalyst Book In-Verse Shorts - #CatalystBook
Catalyst Book AUs - #CatalystBookAU
The Bullies - #Bullies
Satyr Story - #SatyrStory
Eldritch Whisperer - #EldritchWhisperer
Winged Wives - #WingedWives
Furry Verse Shorts - #FurryVerse
Human AU of the Furry chars - #HumanAU
Dragon Story Shorts - #DragonStory
Glitch Series - #GlitchSeries
Misery Dynamics - #MiseryDynamics
In the Works:
Eldritch Whisperer Pt 2
Space Thing
Misery Dynamics or Unitaur/Archer

Eventual Plans

Monthly Theme Polls, Additional Char info/bios, sketches and illustrations, and eventually, if there's interest, physical reward tiers
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Tip Jar to support the creation of the shorts! 

The $1 tier will also get you access to occasional brainstorm posts and eventual short oneshots that feature any of the following: NSFW - Gore - Questionable Content . Everything will be tagged appropriately.

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