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is creating internet music and videos and crap
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About Nick Williams

I suppose this is an experiment in music, money, and internet space dust. I've been crunching the numbers and I've come to the conclusion that there are at least 17 people alive today who seem to enjoy the music I make. The majority of those 17 people probably haven't even heard a lot of the stuff I've made in the past few years. So many social networks, so many ways to "Like" things, so many ways to experience music and art for free, and so many ways to get completely lost. Patreon is a platform that turns lost into found and turns passive consumption into active participation! I know that sounds dumb, but stay with me.

Pledging with Patreon isn't a donation, nor is it a purchase. All of the music is still free. You aren't buying songs for yourself for a dollar, you are enabling the creation of songs one dollar at a time. A single dollar as an incentive to create something that I already want to create may sound trivial. Agreed. I suppose just knowing that ONE person out of my 17 fans might be willing to put down cash for something they haven't even heard yet would be, how do you say it?.. CrazySexyCool.

If you're curious, try it once. Maybe your dollar will go toward a guitar string so I can actually play guitar, or a camera so I can make videos, or a roll of insulation so the neighbors don't kill me, or a pack of 9-volt batteries so my pedal has power, or... well you get the idea.