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About Hollywood Huntsville

Hollywood Huntsville is an acting school, film school, casting office, and production company housed in The Bill Billions Studios.

Paint Rock is a production company owned by Hollywood Huntsville.  Paint Rock is producing The Playhouse!

The members of Paint Rock are professionals who work in the film industry.  Several of us have spent years in Los Angeles.  All of us work professionally in film and television on a regular basis.

The Playhouse is a television show that showcases the writing, acting, and filmmaking of our members and students.


The Playhouse is a television show with smaller shows in it.  In other words, it is a variety show, but it is not limited to sketch comedy.  It contains drama and comedy and everything in between. 

For example, a show within The Playhouse may be 5 minutes long and last 12 episodes.  A 30-minute episode of The Playhouse will feature several of these shorter shows.

The writers and actors of The Playhouse are professionals working at a professional level.  Our members have committed to investing a year of our lives working to lift this show off the ground.

We are working in the great tradition of filmmaking, going back to the 1890s and working forward to the present.  We know the history of movies and celebrate that great tradition.  If you long for quality entertainment, then we are for you.

We need to raise money to hire an editor, build sets, and purchase equipment.  This includes equipment for our Camera, Grip-and-Electric, Properties, Wardrobe, and Hair-and-Make-Up departments.

By providing your support, you are helping to bring great quality entertainment to the public, launch new careers, and develop the industry in our part of the world.  Come join our dream of helping others achieve their dreams.

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