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On planet Earth the Bolo has been around since the 1800s, although It seems to be an overall lost art here. Bolo Ties haven't made a significant comeback for quite some time now so we are evolving the Bolo in a different way than ever before. These are not your traditional Bolo Ties. No, these Bolos are from B.eyond O.ur L.ocal O.rbit, from a distant corner of our galaxy. We invite you to come along on a little trip, and join us in reinventing this unique trend, our Selves, and our planet. Here at ¡Holy Bolo! we like to think a little differently, we encourage you to do the same. We are unifying the world through transcendent art, style, Connection to the Self and Self expression.

We want to share these one of a kind beautiful pieces of art work with you and invite you to join us in living the lifestyle that your soul craves. Our intention is to serve the communities that we are a part of, and we strive to travel the world in search of the finest materials. In our search we will find communities, cultures, cities and countries with materials in which we are able to source for our Bolos. We will give directly back to any community we are directly involved with (and indirectly) in whatever ways we are able to create a better way of life for the locals.

¡Holy Bolo! is aligned with a mindful lifestyle and philosophy. We started this project as an idea with our closest friends in Boston during the spring of 2012. It started with a Bolo found in a basement on Cape Cod. It found its way to college parties on the East Coast and now you can find the Bolo from San Diego to Stockholm. We thrive in the underground, although you won't miss these Bolo Ties in the light of day.

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