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is creating An ancient solution to modern pollution.
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 "The Ancient Solution to Modern Pollution"is a book about Homa Therapy and how an ancient Ayurvedic process can eliminate harmful pollution of all kinds including radiation from your micro environment. 




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About Robert Bruce

For me, life began at age 40, when I chose to leave the mainland U.S. and move to Maui, Hawaii. While living on Maui I had the opportunity to completely reinvented myself and really get back to basics. I lived in an extremely remote part of Maui known to locals as Kipahulu. It was there that I learned to live simply growing my own food and actually thrive with very little in the way of material comforts. During the first year, I was invited to work as a rodeo clown in Hawaii's Makawao Rodeo.
This was for me, a dream come true, and something I had always wanted to do and now I had the chance to live out a lifelong wish.
Click on the YouTube Link at the end of this Bio to Watch me get hit by a 2000 lb. Bull.
In 1999 I was injured while performing in the 4th of July Rodeo in Makawao's Oski Rice Arena and my next stop was Chiang Mai, Thailand where I was able to affordably receive some needed dental work. This was the beginning of a life-changing journey which to this day I am still living.
Creating opportunities where none previously existed is how I have been able to live an enviable lifestyle for 21 years now. If you are seeking a life-changing opportunity and would like the benefit of speaking with someone who has taken the road less traveled I welcome you to reach out and contact me anytime. Let's see if together we can help you find the keys to making your dreams come true. The first lesson is Fear Nothing!
My Interests and professional skill sets include Teaching, Homa Therapy and Agnihotra, Sustainable Organic Food Production using Aquaponics, Yoga and Meditation, Survival Training, Business Planning, Membership Website Builds, Cryptocurrency Consultancy, Video Design/Publishing and script-writing.
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Upon reaching this goal of 100 wonderful patrons I will begin a new book that tells the story of my life changing encounter with the Master and how this chance meeting transformed my life and the lives of countless others.
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