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is creating Youtube website for videos, online store to sell books, t-shirts

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Hi. My name is Stacy Meadows.  Thank you for checking out my Patreon page, and if you are currently, or going to in the future to become a patron of my work I wish to give you a very special thank you for that.  

Currently my goal with this site is to get funding for an ongoing Youtube channel, on which I hope to upload fun videos everyday, that will be fairly short.  By getting support for the channel, I will be able to branch off eventually to create my own personal online store, in which, I want to produce books based off my own story ideas, comics, clothing with my own brands, toys, and even board games.  

Currently, I'm unemployed, and can't afford to do these things on my own, or I would already have these things already in motion.  In my video I will show you how much right now I have to work with.  Though it will be a cheaply made quality of videos at first, I hope through funding to gradually build my video making quality up, and to get some really fun interactive things out there for everyone to enjoy.  
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When I reach the $25 a month goal, I will do a special video doing something silly and thanking you all.  
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