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About Homeschooled Nerd

Who we Are

Hey everybody!
My name is Vinnie Harned, and along with my brother Joe I run the YouTube channel 'Homeschooled Nerd' as well as the podcasts 'Creation Astronomy Now' and the Homeschooled NerdCast.

Every week Joe and I create fun, educational videos with the goal of having fun, encouraging critical thinking, and using technology to bring glory to God.

Videos we Make:

  • VinSense My YouTube series where every other month I use science, history, and logic to explore a variety of topics. Whether we're exploring the mechanics of Pokémon evolution, the physics behind Majora's moon, or the science behind Adventures in Odyssey's Imagination Station; every single episode is sure to blow your mind!
  • Vlogs Fun videos where we discuss different controversial topics using logic.
  • Reviews Joe and I team up to review obscure games and Christian movies. We don't have any nostalgia in us, and we don't tolerate favoritism.
  • Top 10 Lists We go over our top 10 favorite, least favorite, or most notable things of a certain thing... how else do I explain it?
Best of Homeschooled Nerd

Other Creative Outlets
Aside from Homeschooled Nerd we also have our gameplay channel where we play games for fun and laugh a lot along the way! You can check that out here if you're into that kind of thing; we won't judge you!

Why we need Patrons
So we've made quite a few videos as you can tell. So some of you may be asking "Why are you guys even on Patreon? Your videos are fine as they are now!"
First off: No they're not. Secondly, we want to do more than what we're doing right now!

#1 - Making Better Content
You see, as time has gone on our videos have improved drastically. Have you seen our first 10 videos? Yeah, we've come a long way.
But we need more than just experience to make these videos, we also need better tools. Starting out we've learned to do with what we have and do the best job we can with that. In fact, we still use Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements 9 to create all our content.
But if we could afford new gear and software, we'd not only be able to improve the content we create, but we'd also be able to make new content faster! Which brings us to the next point.

#2 - Making More Content
Creating these videos and podcasts takes a lot of time. Have you seen the timeline for VinSense? Check it out: it's pretty crazy.

See? It takes a lot of time and effort to put these videos together!

#3 - Work on Side Projects
Because of all the content that we create and having to balance our YouTube life with our responsibilities in the real world we have less time to work on side projects we want to do. Having patrons would allow us to not only work harder on making new videos, but also allow us to work on other projects like more sketches, web series, and musical projects.

What You'll Get
To show our thanks for your support everyone who donates to our Patreon campaign on a monthly basis will get instant access to our patron feed with Patreon-exclusive BTS, outtakes, and other bonus videos.

Those who donate $5 every month will also become members of our Elite Creative Team. This basically means that you'll be able to give feedback during the production process via our Super-Secret Facebook Group. Seriously, this is only available to our close friends and patrons it's that special.

So if you guys enjoy watching our videos please consider becoming a Patron as it would really help us out. Be sure to check out the rewards for more information about what you'll get as a Patron. And don't forget, if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line!

$9 of $25 per month
Our very first goal!!! If we reach this one, I promise to record a cover of Justin Beiber's Baby!

It'll probably be worth it...
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