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Baby Lizard
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I guess not everything can stay a secret, thats why you get:

-access to cosplay and art WIPs 

-updates on secret projects

-the chance to support my page

-half a meal for my bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon
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Bold of you to assume there are more rewards... you're correct. Now you can get:

-previous awards 

-a monthly bust sketch commission

-Cosplay and art polls

-two meals and a half for my lizard

Fire-Breathing Dragon
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I can see you're getting ambitious, cool now you get:

-previous awards

-monthly full body sketch instead of bust

-oc journals

-5 meals for my bearded dragon

Mother of Dragons
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They love me, they really do! In honor of support, you get:

-previous rewards


-10 meals for my bearded dragon




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About Phoenix (Niq)

Hi my name is Phoenix and I'm a digital artist and cosplayer based Ohio. All your support goes towards helping me do the things I love and help with the expenses of supplies.

Make sure to check me out on instagram @homosepctrum (art) or @very.u.niq (cosplay)! Your support means a lot, thank you!

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