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Thank you so much, angel! I'd be so happy to follow your tumblr or subscribe to your youtube channel!
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Thank you so much for your generosity! I will send you a one of a kind hand drawn and handwritten thank you note in the mail.

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you are beyond kind! As a thank you, I will be sending a unique 4 by 4 inch acrylic painting.




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About Rachael (aka honeybeegirl)

Hi bugs!
I am a content creator, and this is something I am extremely passionate about. I love connecting with my viewers and creating something that makes people feel good.
Basically, the pledges that I receive will go towards several things.
First, it will go towards an actual camera and tripod that I could use to film things on a regular basis. This is the only thing holding me back from being able to post content on a weekly basis, which breaks my heart because I absolutely love creating.
In addition, the pledges will go towards a PO box. This way, I'd be safely able to give out an address where people could write to me. I have gotten so many requests to be pen pals with people, and I would absolutely love to write back to every single letter I received. Unfortunately, the prices of PO boxes in Los Angeles are very expensive, given that it is a densely populated area. With regular pledges, I'd be able to afford a PO box in the first place, as well as be able to send back response letters and packages to my viewers.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and please check out my rewards for pledging. Have the most wonderful day! You are more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

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