Honey Rouge

is creating an aural map to imaginary places
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About Honey Rouge

Ahoy there!

Who am I?
I am a creative who has been quietly plucking away at the strings of a guitar in her bedroom over the course of 20 years. Always lost, never really found. The guitar was my starting point. From there, I started to sing, I learned to play upright bass and cello and now I'm learning more and more about recording and music production.

What am I creating?
I started writing songs at a young age, but never really performed or even shared many of my original songs. Over the years I've written upwards of 30 songs (somewhat exponentially). Not all of them have been recorded, so part of the objective of this project is to grow the catalog of my recorded songs.

What you can expect?
As I've played with other musicians over the years, my style has evolved into an eclectic mix that can range anywhere from jazz, ambient, classical, to folk inspired songs. Sometimes it'll be just me and my guitar. Sometimes it will be something I've produced in Reaper. Sometimes it will be rough live recordings from fooling around in the practice space with other musicians.

Regardless of tier, you can expect upwards of two hours of originals, covers, and those live improvisational recordings. You, wonderful select few, will be the first to hear my songs before they are posted anywhere else onscreen and see some never before seen pictures.
Higher tiers can read my musings about the creative process, the history of various songs and how they came about, and view some older videos of me performing.

Just One Tiny Taste

xx Honey Rouge

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