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You are amazing, your pledges make me feel appreciated. You're definitely helping me kick start my adventures, every dollar or 3 helps me continue to explore the amazing waterways we have here in Australia. Thank you for the donation.

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Hi-Five you legend! You are in on the action and can see all my up dates and videos in this category. Now you are really helping me put fuel in the boat. Cheers mate.  

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Thank you for your continuing support! This is the start of a game changer for me, I can see you are interested in my work and want me to continue creating for you. Enjoy my videos and images.




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About Fishing with Hooked On Brooke

I'm a down to earth Australian girl who loves adventure and the outdoors, I love yoga and sitting in nature oh and did I mention I'm a fishing fanatic.
I am the happiest when I'm on the water with a fishing rod in my hand fighting a monster fish.
There are so many species of fish on my bucket list that I would love to "catch and release" from all around the world.
Follow me on my adventures and you will be Hooked On Brooke.

Down the Track when I have more people pledging donations there will be more perks for my Patrons as they are dedicated to helping me achieve my dreams.
Such as viewing of my videos before any one else, google hangouts, mini comps with rewards for my Patrons, signed pictures, calender's, and beer coolers. The list goes on with what I could reward you with but as you know this all takes a few penny's to put together.
So be patient and enjoy until then. Tight Lines. 

$23 of $1,000 per month
First stop is Australia. There are so many iconic Australian fish to be caught in breath taking locations. From the warm northern reaches like the Top End we'll find the Barramundi. To the cool southern reaches of Australia we'll find species like the Murray cod and every thing in between.
Australia is a very beautiful place and there is so much to explore and see. 
I can't wait to leave the comfit of my home to spend months on end just exploring what this vast beautiful land has to show us.
It's always been a dream of mine and many other Australians to drop everything and take to the open roads, bush tracks, sandy beaches and open oceans. If you can't do it, I want to do it for all of us. A goal of $1000 a month might sound like a lot for this goal but when you consider how massive this continent is you'll understand where the money you pledge goes. It helps put fuel into the car and boat and also helps with up keep on fishing gear, vehicles, boats and camera equipment. 
So thank you for pledging towards this goal. 
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