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About Katelyn Jessup

I'm Katelyn Jessup. I'm the creator of Magic Spark Crafts (Soon to be Hook, Yarn, and Needle) and Coffee and Crochet A-Long Podcast on Podbean. I'm so excited to be sharing this amazing skill with you through so many avenues, but especially through the Podcast.

I've been crocheting for years now, and my skills are ever increasing. Each new thing I learn, I want to teach to others who are also learning. There's no shortage of techniques, stitches, and patterns for the novice, advanced, or expert crocheter!

Everything I do, currently, for the podcast, YouTube channel, Etsy, etc., is all done by me. Funding, creating, editing. All me. Sometimes, though, I need help. This is where you come in.

If you're more than excited about each new episode, consider donating today. Your generous offer goes towards pattern creation, video editing, sound editing, and more!

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