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Welcome to the Hori & van der Meijs Patreon page !
Join us in our ongoing art journey. We will take you to our Amsterdam studiolab, exhibitions and art research projects world wide. Our main transport and research vehicle to cross the globe is a 32 year old Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 Troopy. We just came back from an art project at the Land Art Biennial Mongolia which led us from Amsterdam to Russia and Kazachstan into Mongolia. And all the way back from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbeidzjan and Georgia into Turkey and Europe. Leave the mud, dunes, cultural encounters and experiments with technology, art and natural elements for us to conquer; you will get insightful stories, video's and inspiring photos of travels towards places were we have art and research projects and find out about the inns and outs and production process of these art projects around the world. We will make you part of our projects and travels world wide where you will meet beautiful people on every corner.

Are you ready? Let's get started: 

Who are we
We are both professional and adventures artists and travel the world in order to research and create art projects. Mariko Hori has here roots in Japan and Ronald van der Meijs in the Netherlands. How did we meet each other ? On the steppe plaines of Mongolia. Our homebase and studio is in Amsterdam but we travel the globe with the Toyota Land Cruiser or other public transport if nessesary for our art and research projects.
We have been forming a collaboration in order to create new forms of research and performative sound installation works concerning the theme of ‘Nature versus Culture’. We recently started to develop a new research project which concerns 'non-verbal communication'.
"It may be the way to feel something without words, to sense one's emotion, to understand one's background, culture, to accept something not normal for you as a normal thing. This process could be important in this globalized world. For the coming future of the earth, we should be aware of different cultures from many different ways in order to understand others more, in global level, human to human and human to nature communication beyond language" 

With huge installation works, traditional instruments, electronics and by amplifying their sounds and morphing them into a live electronic sound setting we create a dialogue on a larger scale and zoom in on small details at the same time by making the audience aware of the art installation and the context of the location or cultural meaning in new way as it makes parallels between the amplified sounds and the slow changes of its materials and complete change of identity and atmosphere.

Our work consists for a large part of experimental installation art in which sound is generated. It is a dialogue between nature and technology or nature versus culture. Unpredictable and slow natural processes control the work and form a metaphorical and conceptual treatment of sound, space, time and atmosphere.

The combination and interaction of nature and culture plays a major role in the development of our work but this also has a large complexity, it's a dive into the unknown. To inform you and all other art and adventure lovers we have a huge and informative website to maintain which includes video's and photo's. 

In order to be able to continue this research, we now use this Patreon support system. Sponsoring has long been customary in other areas of the arts like museums so why not the artist himself. Also our practice can not exist without partners. Parties that support, cooperate with us and think along with us to help realise our art and research projects.

So if you could support our research we would truly appreciate it. You can make it possible for everyone to enjoy our art projects and travel experiences.

Want to know more about our work and background ?
website ronald van der meijs
website mariko hori

How can we achieve this goal? And how can you be part of it?

The plan
For the price of two liters of fuel a month you become our private sponsor.
As little as $3 / month is helpful, anything more a real bonus.

We will use the funds pledged on Patreon to cover costs related to the website and ongoing research and realisation of our art projects. Think of hosting, equipment, studio, travels, expedition vehicle as well as hours put into creating the artworks and the video and photo editing of our work and expeditions.

What’s in it for you?
Apart from the amazing feeling and inspiration you will get by being part of our adventure you will:

1. Get access to our previously published audio sound art for free, which will be send to you as a quality sound file.

2. Be the first to see a pré opening or pictures of our coming exhibition.

3. Be invited for special events, meet and greet with lectures and be the first to see new video's and photo  stories about new art projects world wide.

If all this feels right to you, we would love to have you on board. Thanks for being part of the adventure and enjoy!

Mariko & Ronald

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