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Supporters are curious about my cause but, for various reasons can't go "all-in" just yet. Members of this group are just as important and just as valuable as any other member of the insurgence, but the information is usually shared with them on a "need-to-know" basis.
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Activists are also public watchdogs and whistle blowers. A group of people who have great interest in our cause, but for various reasons can only operate through legal channels. They are usually well informed about the current situation. On rare occasions, some information could be withheld from them for strategic reasons though.
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These guys form the backbone of our movement. Rebels operate behind enemy lines to disrupt communications, ambush convoys, and compel enemy forces to disperse. They risk their life more then any other member of the resistance (apart form the agents), therefore it is hard to predict how long they will be able stay with us. Rebels take direct participation in everything that is going on and it is hard to imagine a reason for which any information could be withheld from this group of daring individuals.




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About Oliver Zimmer

Hello. Thank you for visiting my patreon page. Making a pledge is by far the simplest and the most transparent way to show that you do give a damn about my work. Any pledges recieved will go towards new equipment and software I need to make better content. You can check out my channel 'Horrible Gaming' here.

If you are new to patreon: It's a tip-jar. Well at least my patreon campaign is. Not trying to sell anything, no "patrons only" posts here. It's a subscription type of thing though... Will charge you every month, so keep that in mind.

Who am I?: I'm Oliver. Hi! I've loved video games and making myself and others laugh since as long as I can remember but haven't had much ambition for anything else. That is until I tried video editing and Photoshop for fun. Turns out I liked it.. a lot.. and.. maybe I can make a little money doing it too. So naturally I started my own YouTube Channel. I make content that entertains me and hopefully other people out there will find some value in it too. I put a lot of work it my videos. From the editing to Photoshops and basic animations to custom thumbnails. Its nice to know other people appreciate it too. 

Oh and, please DON'T PLEDGE anything if you expect to get some "free stuff" of any kind in return. This is not kickstarter. My Patreon page is a tip-jar, although it will help me to make better content.
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