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Hey there, ghasts and ghouls!

We are Marie Beaudoin and BAJ Visser, the mad geniuses creative team behind the Horror Shop universe, a shared universe featuring comics, novels, short fiction, and other creative works tied together by shared theme of Halloween and the horror fiction of your youth. Our main project at the moment is the centrepiece of the universe, Horror Shop: the Comic

We're both getting started as independent creators and appreciate the help and support of our fans in this endeavour. The more backing we get means the more time can work on creating new monstrosities for you all to enjoy. We've already got plans for 100 scripts at this moment, featuring werewolves, mad scientists, mummies, zombies, and the true horror of university life: group projects. We just need your help to make our vision a reality. So if you enjoy our works, we want to thank you very much reading, and we hope to keep you coming back for more. And if at all possible, please consider chipping in so we can bring our horrific vision to life. 

And remember: don't let the monsters bite.
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