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About Horsenburger

Hi, my name is Steve Horsley, but you can call me Horsenburger, I create 3-bit Teletext art, I do, honestly!

I've had many jobs over the years but looking back the most unusual was my time designing Teletext graphics in the 1990's. At the time I saw it as a job, but now, twenty years later I have realised I love pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this retro 3-bit technology.

This Patreon page is to support my dream of designing full time and to eventually design the most extensive and more importantly, the most useless collection of 3-bit pixel-art on the planet.

Even if you can't support me here, you are welcome to use any of my designs as your profile picture, all I ask is you enjoy what I do and spread the word.

To view all my Teletext Pixelart go to and subscribe to my twitter @horsenburger for daily upload.
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You'll receive access to all my published and unlisted art.  I'll produce you your own profile image in 3-bit Teletext pixel-art and my discord chat-room. plus all previous rewards.
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I'll be able to spend more time designing retro Teletext artwork including developing a Teletext adventure game and animations.
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