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Levels of 2020 Explained - House Goalman
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The Levels of 2020 as Explained by House Goalman. A Book. By House Goalman.

My Plan is to only sell 1 of these. I don't think I'm going to make any more of the 2020 books. Be sure that you are able to pick this book up in person. I ain't mailing it to you. It's too important for me to mail it to you and then it gets lost in the mail. If you buy it, make sure that you are able to pick it up in person. If you can't pick it up in person, I'll keep it until you make arrangements to pick it up in person. That means that you're travelling here to Lake Jackson, Texas. No excuses. If you can't pick it up in person, don't buy it. This book is extremely controversial. Things I don't say in public are included.

House Goalman 2019: November Conference
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Attend the House Goalman 2019: November Business Conference!

It will be held in Lake Jackson, TX. Please provide an accurate address.

No refunds. If you don't want to attend, then please don't buy it.




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House Goalman has worked as a computer game designer and musician for a very long time. He loves it. He has been in numerous c movies. House Goalman worked as a public educator. Now he works as a substitute teacher. He's also a Writer, an Indie Computer Game Creator, and, oh yeah, a Businessman. He trusts in Yahuah and Yahusha that he will never go broke. He has belief that They will take care of him.
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