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About HoustonProductions1

Hey! I'm Houston. I'm an aspiring storyteller, reporter and traveler from Atlanta who loves animated movies, vintage theme park memorabilia, overused VHS aesthetics, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. SooOoo qUirKy. Much personality. Vv unique.

You and I both know negativity is pretty popular on the internet, but I just want to use my channel to spotlight the stories that inspire me and others...and explain why they might have more artistry (or profound themes) than they get credit for. I try to keep my videos down-to-earth and authentic; I'm not the "intellectual video essay professor" teaching you how to think. I'm just a dude telling you about the movies (and sometimes, other things) that I really love and hoping maybe you'll see what I see, too.

My main goal is to make *more* and *better* content, and Patreon is a huge part of that. I recently graduated and YouTube is currently my main "job" so whatever you contribute is much appreciated, no matter the amount! There's some casual bonus content in return. And if you're just passing through or you don't have the money to support right now, no biggie.

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If this goal is reached, I'll be able to consider YouTube my full-time job, and the Patron community will be big enough that I can put up polls for everyone to vote on which video idea they'd like to see next.
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