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This is for genuine supporters who want to help me long term create the best lucid dreaming content, products and gear. For this price you'll get sent all of my digital products which have a combined value of well over $150. Please don't abuse this and just pledge for one month to get  the products. For genuine fans/supporters only. 



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I'll provide a regular 'Q and A' for Lucid Dreaming.. Any questions you have will be answered and hopefully I'll teach the world to control their dreams.

Patreon is a great way for you to support me and it means I don't have to put adverts on my videos, (which I HATE doing!) and can just interact with you guys, my loyal fans.

The amount you give is entirely up to you, just give what you can afford or an amount you wouldn't really miss every month. It really helps me, and the more you support me, the more time I can put into these videos! This ultimately means I'll be able to help you more so you can get awesome lucid dreaming videos, blog posts and emails/content from me!

There are some rewards for you as well! If you do support me, thank you SO much!

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