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Hello, all you wonderful nerds. I've been writing How To Music Major for more than three years on Tumblr, and two years straight on itself! The blog started in August of 2015, and I've gained a ton of wonderful, incredible followers since then. I've talked with so many of you, and heard and published your stories and questions! The problem is this: I like doing things like eating food, and having a place to sleep, and even BUYING COFFEE. In order to do this, I must have money to exchange for goods and services.

Obviously, I am working outside of this blog, but it's a huge distraction from two of the most important things in my life - my studies, and this blog. The ultimate goal is to be able to completely focus on talking to you wonderful people and giving advice and answering questions!

There are a couple ways I could do this:

1: Move into a cave or underneath a bridge, and steal WiFi (this is illegal, and I do not like to do illegal things).
2: Advertise (however, I really really dislike the concept of using advertising to make money. First of all, you wonderful people MOSTLY use Tumblr to talk to me, and I just Do Not Like their ad systems. Secondly, NO ONE LIKES ADS).
3: Stop publishing stuff for free (but half my readership is high school students without the means of buying eBooks regularly).
4: Ask very nicely for people to help me out! 

I am currently doing #4, if you couldn't tell. 

The goal for this campaign is to make $1200 a month. This is enough that I will be able to pay rent, eat, pay for website hosting and otherwise do things that make continuing to be alive and write and give advice possible. That's including:

  • $650 in rent
  • $150 in transportation costs (gas yo)
  • $200 in food (so as to avoid the Ramen Noodle Scurvy)
  • $50 in Website Maintenance (Gonna get someone to make it fancy and also, you know, continue hosting)
  • $150 for General Expenses (textbooks/sheet music/actual music/my pet fish)
Once I get all of the above covered, I will be able to live without another job! I don't even have student loan payments to worry about.

If I BREAK $1200 a month, I'll be able to do further neat things, like 

  • Start a podcast!
  • Release FREE eBooks!
  • Start a sister site! (How to Theater Major, anyone?)
Obviously, those are STRETCH GOALS but hey it never hurts to write things down.

And no matter what happens, I'm happy that you awesome musicians support me. Anything helps, even your kind thoughts or social media shares.

You got this.

-Gabi, How To Music Major creator
$77 of $100 per creation
At this monthly amount, I will be able to move to a M-W-F publishing schedule - three full articles a week! How neat!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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