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You paid me a $1 because you just felt like this weirdo on the web was starting a cult and you've never really belonged to a group so you figured you could pay your way into community in this capitalist society. Good for you!!! You have access to all content until idk something changes and I have more people here.




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Yes, Spaceman here. I've decided to start a cult, but I have no clue where to begin. I've heard they are pretty cool, but you kind of need people to do this so come join! I mean it's gonna be a blast. I haven't decided what religion I'm gonna rip off to do it, but it'll be some deep shit I promise. If you are hopeless and looking for direction in this fucked-up world, come chill out in a cult with me and do nothing for the rest of your lives!!! It's gonna be amazing I swear. And we aren't gonna do weird shit, like those other cults you've heard of. We're just gonna be a cult. Figuring stuff out as I go!!! Whoop-de-scoop!!!
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When I have 10 patrons who give $1 each, I'll provide each patron a personalized mantra for them to recite on their knees every night to pledge loyalty to the cult which shall soon be named. Haven't gotten that far either yet, oopsy poopsy!
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