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With your help, we can get better cameras, film moves more often, and eventually bring big name wrestlers to film with us! Thanks, you kick ass!  ($2 monthly or cancel anytime you like to limit your donations.)
We will answer your wrestling questions!
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Get your wrestling questions answered by Jon, Keith, and Kyle from HowToWrestle!  Ask us about getting started, moves, anything.  Your support also helps us get better equipment and film more often.  We will give you a dedicated email address for your questions. (Limit 5 emails/month) Donate $10 monthly or cancel anytime you like to limit your donations.
Come out to the ring!
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Visit the ring and train with us!  See how it feels to be in a real pro wrestling ring! (Must be 18 yrs. or older)  Limit 3 hours per month, but we can set up additional training days. We are based in New Jersey, USA, and you must handle your own travel expenses. Donate $75 per month, or cancel anytime you like to limit your support, to one month, etc...




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When we reach this goal, we will be getting new camera equipment!
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