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About Hannah Payette Peterson

Hello friends! My Patreon page is currently dormant (I won't be charging patrons) until a later date when I can dedicate more time to making awesome rewards for my patrons. In the mean time, I'm still making tons of art, which you can find on my instagram: @hpayettepeterson.

I am a young biologist and artist originally from Boston, USA. I create surreal, science-inspired oil paintings.

My art is inspired by my interest in surrealism and my background in science, in particular the fields of biology and astronomy. I'm especially influenced by the beauty and mystery of the ocean and outer space, and both themes appear often in my art. 

What is Patreon? Patreon is a website that allows people to directly support their favorite artists by pledging a certain (often very small) amount of money per project (or per month). In return, they get access to exclusive content and rewards.

On Patreon, I want to give some of my most dedicated supporters and followers access to exclusive content (more in-depth than what I post on Instagram and Facebook) and discounts and more input into my creative process, while also helping fund the art supplies I need in order to keep creating my work.

I want to use my Patreon page as a sort of blog to discuss science, art, surrealism, ideas and inspiration, as well as my creative process. I also want it to be an open forum for my patrons and I to talk about these topics--rather than only publishing content for you all to look at, I want my patrons to feel free to respond to what I post and interact with each other as well! This page will be a place for me to share raw, less polished progress photos, discuss not-yet-fully-formed ideas and hear your opinions. I speak English and Spanish, so if Spanish is more comfortable for you don’t hesitate to speak to me in Spanish.

I’ve decided to charge my patrons one payment per three paintings I complete (though I won't charge you more than once a month). This is just to make sure that every time you are charged, you’re receiving more than your money’s worth in awesome content and new artwork from me. My goal is to create at least 3 paintings a month, but just in case I don’t make as much artwork one month I’ll make sure you guys aren’t charged.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and for supporting my artwork!

More artwork on my website: www.hpayettepeterson.com
$9 of $30 per three paintings
Art supplies are necessary to keep creating, but can unfortunately be expensive. This money will be used towards art supplies so that I can keep making more work and sharing it with you guys! When we reach this goal, it should be enough to cover the cost of 1-2 canvases a month. Thank you for your support!
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