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If you've found this page, it probably means you've found one of my poems, somewhere out there, wherever you are.

Finding poems is a bit like writing poems: they tend to turn up unexpectedly, arriving like an uninvited visitor from a forgotten country who speaks in a strange language, yet somehow you feel you know them. Or maybe even known them for a very long time. 

Where have they been?

Poetry is strange like that. 

Poetry has... spirit?

So I had an idea, which turned into a plan: I thought I would put my poetry into the world in that spirit of strange arrival, surprise and discovery; by literally putting poems out into the world. On paper. In places. For people.

And in turn I thought of a simple proposal:

If you enjoyed the poem, and would like to be surprised by another one in the future, personally, then in exchange for a very small payment... a poem will be sent out of the blue to you by either email or post, before I start to scatter them about the planet by hand.

And maybe before you scatter them about too, surprising your friends, lovers and... complete strangers?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

$2 for every poem: sent by email, with a personalised greeting and signature.

$5 for every poem: printed and signed and posted, with a personalised greeting and signature.

Likely it will be a poem a month, definitely no more than two. And God help me inspiration is a strange and mysterious thing, so maybe sometimes there won’t be a poem. But I hope there will.

I’m always hopeful for poetry.

So thank you for reading and I hope you choose to support me,


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