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About Hrorek

           WHO ARE YOU? 

My name is Hrorek( pronounced Ror-rik ). From initial animation to voice overs, sound design, video editing, and post production. I create machinima videos with Source Filmmaker. What is Machinima you ask? Simply put - It's a cinematic production within a video game world. Four months ago I left my cushy office job for another with better pay, benefits, and a more promising field. They wanted to train me from the ground up and teach me the industry. Sadly they decided they needed someone with more experience and let me go. 

In the past 3 months I've changed professions, moved, got married, and changed professions again. With more time on my hands I'm in the middle of a tough decision regarding where my life is headed. Whether animating will be more prevalent in my future or not is up to you.

             WHAT IS THIS? 

This is Patreon! A service that works in similar ways to kickstarter or in other terms an online tip-jar. Patreon empowers you to donate any amount per video I upload. There are various pledge amounts which will reward you depending on the amount. 

Patreon is designed in a way that you only spend what you're comfortable with. You can put a limit on the amount of money you donate per month. For instance... if you donated $5/video with a $10/month limit and I upload 4 videos that month. You will only be charged $10 for that month. This is a great way to give back as well as support me directly so I can continue to provide the content you enjoy!


I still have so many short stories to tell! Unfortunately releasing content regularly on YouTube isn't what pays the bills. I'm at a time in my life where I need to decide between picking up another job or going to school(while maintaining a part time job). Either of those options means less time to animate. If you're not picking up on what I'm putting down... Without you're help I'm not sure I'll have the time to release content regularly.

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I will not have to worry about month to month costs for my cat Wilson! This will cover his food & kitty health insurance! Mroww!
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