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For those that still want to support, but want an entry-level pledge or can't pledge higher at this time. Every week I'll write a sponsor post thanking all of you that pledged to support the site and the week's posts.
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You get to help me pick what I review, and with enough pledges at this level or higher I can review just about anything: anime, manga, video games, books, hell even figures or clothing. With enough pledges, I may also start a Patron-exclusive Discord server for weekly chats.
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This tier is for those that want to help me with larger projects, such as game streaming and podcasting, since they seem to be all the rage. You get access to the review request as well as the Discord server once it goes live. I'll be using these funds to buy gear and deliver more exclusives, so the more pledges at this level, the better for everyone.




Who am I?
My name is Humberto Saabedra. You may know me as the guy behind and one of the writers on Crunchyroll's News page since 2011. I've been writing professionally since 2006. I've since retired the formerly mentioned site, consigned it to history and have launched a new site called VisualDeviance.

Why am I doing this?

All I want to do is write for those of you that are willing to read what I have to say and would be willing to support my work directly. I decided to start fresh with a new domain and site since my focus will not be on news, but on long-form writing which will still include anime and manga, but will not be the sole focus. 

What am I offering Patrons in return for pledging?

  • Patron-first podcasts (I want to do these with some production value, hence the high pledge level)
  • Patron first reviews (People keep asking me to review stuff)
    Additional patron-first content including, but not limited to:
  • Photography
  • Essays and fiction
  • Music

Why two goals?
I have two funding goals for the campaign. The first goal would let me focus on full-time writing while covering my expenses and continuing to contribute on Crunchyroll News, the second higher goal would let me move out of my current location to my own place and also let me cover the expenses related to living on my own as well as expenses related to the patron-first content. 

I live with a disability, so my main problem is being able to find a job that will pay me enough to live on and let me pursue writing. Writing full-time was the only job that I had that ever covered my expenses, and most jobs don't pay enough to let me focus on full-time writing and other projects, so that's why I'm doing this.
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