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Fledglings that gather them shiny human coins for the Murder are admiringly appreciated. We thank you! 

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The elasticity of our dreams can take us to unspoken worlds, but our innate horror of the unknown is what weighs us down.

Fight it.

Travel to the isolated coils of smoldering dust trapped in our dusky sky, or explore the unseen timeless vibration of dancing particles that fashion existence. Whatever choice you make can alter your life forever. The same applies to a story. Words are the atoms of a tale and together they compose a universe.


Hi there brave explorer. I'm H.S. Crow, author, composer, director, game designer and creator of the Caligo Mythology. I plan to bring a universe brimming with possibility and imagination to life with a team I brought together called The Otherworlds Inc. My goal is to create beautiful stories that will enchant your mind and fuel your soul. Stories are important to me. It's the core of many mediums of entertainment, and I plan to insure it remains the founding sword through it all. My team and I plans to bring you amazing content and if your here it's because you believe in our work, or enjoy it enough to be a part of it. 

Yes, a part of it. We want our fans to not just enjoy the stories, animations, music, and games we create, but also be a part of the creation of it. Your opinions matter here, and that's what being a Crow insures.so join the Murder of Crows, and let us change the world with stories unlike any told before. Every story has been told. What I mean is how it's told. Now that can be redefining. ;) 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of my creative team as we build brilliant content. 


What is Caligo?

Imagine a world beyond our reflection where every myth across the world is deemed true, and where the hymn of gods is sung by beings that defy the realms of science and dreams. Creating Caligo is my attempt to bring forth a new age of storytelling and beauty through the mediums of art, animation, filming, music, and theater performances. It's going to take time getting there, but with your help we may reach the stars much sooner. 

Things to expect from us...

The Caligo Universe: targets every major myth through a literary saga jam-packed with imagination.

  1. The Oathkeeper Series is the name of the major book series coming out sometime in April 2018 
  2. The Tales of Yesterday is the name for a collection of stories revolving the expanded universe that The Oathkeeper Series explores.
The Tales of Yesterday collection includes:
  • The Flight of a Starless Garden: A short story released in January 2017.
  • Lunora and the Monster King: A Play/Novel released in April 2017.
  • Lokima: A Comic Series that will be starting in January 2018
  • The Journey of Azalea: Is set to release sometime in Summer 2018.
  • The Weight of a Nation: Is set to release in Fall 2018
  • Hive of Anthra: Is set to release in Winter 2018.
  • And many more to come.
Other things to look out for:
  • Caligo Products (Merchandise): Is set to release Spring of 2018
  • Lunora and the Monster King (Audiobook Theater): Is set to release in Summer 2018.
  • The Oathkeeper Promo (Animated Short): Is set to release in Summer 2018.
  • The Journey of Azalea (Audiobook Theater): Is set to release in 2019.
   3. The Wingless Hyperion(Video Game): set to release in Winter 2019. (This is a two to three year battle which with your help will determine the time it finishes.)
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This goal will allow us to hire a comic artist, and a animator to help us produce more content at a faster rate for your enjoyment. It will also help H.S. Crow with the chance to work more at creating, instead of working odd jobs. 
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