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Help me help myself, and fellow transgender people across the country.

You might know me as your friendly neighborhood snarky Jewish trans activist, freelance writer, and public speaker. My writing has been featured on Refinery29, the Advocate, the Guardian, Bustle, HuffPost, MarieClaire.com, and plenty of other sites.

What you might not know is all the other crazy stuff I do. A big one is mentor trans individuals at all ages and transition stages, from all walks of life, and across the country. This can include calls, online chats, skype, and one-on-one meetings when possible, including visits to deeply closeted individuals who are not yet ready to join any kind of support group. I am not, nor do I claim to be, a credentialed social worker or therapist. However, as a "friend," I can often do more. Social workers must establish certain professional boundaries, but I can allow myself to be more accessible and way less formal. I can introduce these friends to one another, and facilitate networks. I honed my skills having served as one of the first volunteer coordinators for a major trans lifeline.

The other thing I am working on continuously is getting my body fixed. I am open about having received gender reassignment surgery, from which I suffered devastating complications and now require reconstructive peripheral neurosurgery to attain an functional and aesthetically accurate result. You can contact me directly for more details and medical images, but seeking out this care has taken a tremendous toll on my mental and financial resources. Every new consult (of which I have had over a dozen) can cost up to $500 for the doctor alone, not including travel expenses. Supporting me with a monthly contribution helps me know that I will be able to afford the best care, especially if it is out of the United States. I can't demand success, only that my doctors try, and that their experience with me will advance the state of the art for future patients.

Joining my Patreon team will help me continue to offer myself to the trans community full time, while doing those other silly adult things like pay bills.

Thanks so much for your consideration and support!
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When I reach $1000 per month, I'll be able to form an LLC for my trans-focused advocacy.
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