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Hi. I live in Somerset, England, and I make a living building and renovating but I'm determined to spend less time on building sites and more time doing what I love, which is drawing. Having enjoyed drawing as a youngster I've returned to it recently and felt I needed to discover some tricks and techniques that would allow me to improve quickly and make up for some lost time!

This became a mission. It worked. And I want to share what I found with you!

I was dissapointed to find that this information wasn't neatly packaged somewhere, waiting for me to discover it, so I set about sifting and distilling all the useful advice I could find. Eventually I arrived at something as close to a recipe for success as I could get, essentially a set of instructions I could follow every time I draw, to produce an accurate likeness, by eye (not using grids etc), a reliable method that would improve the quality of my drawings as fast as possible, allowing me to give more and more energy to 'artistic expression'.

Having decided I'm going to learn a new skill, whether I stick with it or not usually depends on how fast I make progress. The drawing techniques I've come to rely on force me to improve noticeably every time I draw. There's no substitute for practice but it's possible to bypass a LOT of frustrating hard slog just by making sure you're practicing the right things. If you can write your name then you already know how to use a pencil. It's all about learning how to see in a new way. We've had our eyes open since the day we were born but drawing requires us to look at the world differently. Once you learn how to do this everything falls logically into place and you start to make drawings you wouldn't have imagined you were capable of.

My mantra now is: ANYONE can draw. Really - it's easier than you think! And it's a great way to get 'in the zone' and forget your stress. Having made some fast progress I'm now committed to spending the rest of my life getting better and the more people who come on that journey with me, the more fun and fulfilling it's going to be.

For the first few weeks I'm going to make all my posts free and visible to the public but it would be amazing to find enough people who are prepared to make a small monthly contribution to enable me to continue learning, finding out what really works, and passing that information on to my patrons, along with links to a lot of other stuff that will keep you informed, interested, amused and motivated - incredible artists, discounted materials, recommended books, advice on how to make money from your art, and loads more.

Please pledge whatever you feel it's worth to you and come along for the ride! Then take a look at the list of tutorials and future posts below to get a taste of things to come...

Very best wishes,

Here's a list of some of the tutorials and posts I have in store. I'm also very happy to hear suggestions from patrons of other topics you'd like to cover.


My 'eight-spoke' method for mapping the contour and facial features
The Picture Plane
The 'toolbox' of visual checks
Capturing a likeness with just straight lines and arcs
Creating depth with dark and light and weight of line
Line vs. tone
Shading and hatching
Using negative shapes
Scale and viewpoint
Anatomy of the head and shoulders
Geometric shapes and how they relate to the head
Drawing the nude
All about angles
Developing your own style
Drawing fabric (topography)
Colour and introduction to paint
How to sell your art (and how much to charge)
How to use drawing as a conceptual thinking tool


Getting 'in the zone'
Keeping motivated and inspired
Capturing the spirit of the model
Ways of seeing your drawing with fresh eyes
Elements that suggest atmosphere in real time
Tight or loose?
Tricks your eyes play on you (you'll be amazed!)
Speed sketching
Knowing when to stop
Time and space management
Getting friends and family behind you
The importance of life-drawing
How we recognize a face out of 7.4 billion others
Preparation/the set-up
An introduction to framing
The social side of art
Making plans
Recommended reading
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When I reach 100 patrons I'll give each of them a free copy of the 100 page ebook I've written and illustrated titled 'How to Draw a Portrait'. This was the product of a huge amount of work and describes in detail all the most invaluable tips and tricks I've learnt for capturing a likeness by eye alone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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