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Welcome to Hugh'manity!  If you enjoy what I do, and choose to support me in these efforts, I would be very grateful! I will credit each Patron in every video from the day they pledge for as long as they pledge!
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Welcome to Hugh'manity!  Same as the $1.00 reward but your name will be in bold type in the video credits!  Your patronage has a real and positive effect on keeping this community healthy, and I really appreciate it!
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Welcome to Hugh'manity!  Your name in larger bold type in video Patron credits, and an autographed note from me.  I'll need your mailing address to send it to you!




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About Hughbert Jass

Howdy folks, thank for stopping by, I appreciate it!  I had no idea in the beginning that this community would be where it is today, but I am thrilled about it!  I am but one man though, and I can only divert so much of our family's income to support this work.  You may not realize it but it takes a fairly hefty financial commitment to maintain the Hughbert Jass Gaming community that we have all come to enjoy, including high speed internet, multiple computers and iOS devices, and then there is the time involved, at least 10hrs a week.  So, as much as I love being independent and pushing off in my own direction, I realize that I need help to keep this growing, and to keep it healthy!  If you would like to support these efforts I would really appreciate it!  Please check out the different sponsorship options, maybe there's one that suits you. :)

$7 of $100 per Video
Achieving $100.00 per video will make the Community self-sustaining, and then some.  This will open the doors to higher quality productions with the purchase of video processing software with higher capabilities, enhanced Community interaction with more frequent live streams, expansion of the content I can bring to the Community, just to name a few :)
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