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Hello welcome!!

I am a Live Broadcast gamer.. I like play many games in many genres.. Specially MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) genre.. I play Ragnarok Online, Plant vs Zombie, World of Goo, Closers Online, The Elder Scroll Online, Dota 2, Trove, Happy Wars, Team Fortress 2, Clash Royale, etc.. You can see outstanding my gaming skill..

Not just game shows, but skill gaming shows..

Actually HugoDeConello is my cat name.. Hugo is the main name, then Conello is addtional name because my cat colour is look like ice cream (Indonesian Ice Cream Product). So I name it HugoDeConello. Because I really like my cat, I use my cat name to all my name in game, then I make this name for my icon.. It's funny!

Come and enjoy the journey.. Watch and feel the adventure.. And hope you can be happy to watch my live streaming video and my recorded video..

For my live game streaming plese go to this link:
HugoDeConello Live Game Broadcast

and this is my gaming channel in youtube:
HugoDeConello Channel

You can enjoy quests, adventure, team play, solo play, supporter character, killer character, tanker character, beautiful strategy tactical, and my others gaming skill..

Waaaw there are many outstanding move from my gaming skill..

Please enjoy!

Let the games begin!!

#Game #MMORPG #RPG #MMORPG #MOBA #Strategy #Online #Adventure #Fun #Funny #Quest #Awsome #supporter #killer #tanker
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I am a Live Broadcast Gamer..

Not just a game show, but a gaming skill show..

I hope you can happy watch my live streaming or my recorded game show..

Go have many adventures with me in game world..

Let the games begin!!
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