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If you've made it this far, and have considered becoming our patron here on Patreon, just know that I'm extremely grateful! But how, exactly, does this help the show? Well, The Humanist Report is free to watch and listen to, but there are costs associated with maintaining it (money is needed for web domain fees, SoundCloud archive fees, equipment replacement, technical upgrades, etc.). Also, your Patreon funds allow me to dedicate more time to the show by supplementing my income and allowing me to do this on a more full-time basis. When the views go down, so too does our revenue, and this Patreon account ensures that I can still pay the bills and keep dedicating as much time as possible to the show!

If you've come this far, truly, I have to say: thank you!
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With approximately $5,000 per month, we're on our way towards independence from YouTube! In the event our ad revenue drops to $0.00 each month, we will be able to produce almost to the same extent on YouTube as we are currently doing.
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