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This is encouraging!  In addition to my sincere thanks, you'll get access to patron-only content like quick-hit film and book recommendations, bonus episodes, and the ‘Campolo Sessions', long-form conversations with my famous evangelical dad.

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This is (wait for it...) super-encouraging! In addition to our patron-only content, you’ll also get a personalized shout-out on the podcast, so be sure to send a note via Patreon letting me know where you live and why you support the show.

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Thanks for joining the team! In addition to the patron-only content and the shout-outs, you’ll get exclusive access to ‘Why It Matters’, a monthly behind-the-scenes episode about making the podcast, where I also share real stories about the impact of our work with those of you who do the most to make it possible.

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WOW! At this level you’re really keeping us going. So then, please send me your phone number or Skype address because, in addition to all that other stuff, I’m going to give you a call to thank you. I’ll be calling again, too, on each and every anniversary of our partnership.

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Okay, seriously, what do you want? A weekly co-producer credit? A lunch date? A pint of my blood? Seriously, you’re amazing and all of us who love the show are indebted to you.



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