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Greetings friends!

My name is Pedro Romera and welcome to my Patreon Page. I'm a mexican Freelance artist that just enjoys sharing my creations with people, be it comics or fanart. I've been drawing for about 8 years now and my work has taken me far and wide in the internet from making youtube thumbnails, twitch layouts and several other assets for video makers.

Right now my artistic endevours have taken me to challenge myself to draw every single Pokémon plus other fanart work for games such as Blazblue and UNIEL.
I'm also currently working on 2 comics on the side "Pagan" and "Fira the Witch" they are in an early state but any progress made on them will be shared in this patreon page

I created this patreon so I'm able to focus on my artistic endeavors without being sidetracked by real life necessities. Thanks to the economical state of my family I have to be constantly looking for odd Jobs I can do getting small amounts of money so I can pay bills, getting support from Patreon means no longer having to worry about the internet being plugged thanks to my job not paying me. And who knows, maybe I can turn into a full time artist thanks to your support.

Thanks a lot for reading this far! And thank you so much for your support
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We all gotta start somewhere! If we reach this goal I'll give a free commission to all of my patreons!
A nice gift to thank you for your support.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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