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is creating a series of inspirational 60-second video portraits.
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  • A heartfelt "thank you"
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About Human Postcards


Thank you for visiting our Patreon page! At the moment we are raising funds to begin filming our second season of Human Postcards. We fund the project from our own pockets and from the support of kind donors like yourself! If you like our content and would like to see more, please consider becoming a patron of Human Postcards.

What is Human Postcards?

Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. Since starting in 2015 we have filmed 40 unique Postcards that are available to watch on our website. Each Postcard is one minute long and focuses on a single idea or aspect of a person’s life.

For example Inaki, an 8 year old boy who tells us " The most beautiful thing that happened in my life is that I was born, We should all be grateful that we are born [..] or we would be nothing, not even a piece of dust floating around…"
To watch his 1 minute Human Postcard click here

Who are we?

Arie is a sound engineer and Nora is a film maker. We explore the world making one-minute documentaries, collecting stories that inspire us.

We are curious. We are passionate, and we are friendly!! :)

Why Patreon?

It takes a lot of time to produce each episode of Human Postcards. Firstly, we travel long distances to find the characters in our films! Then we film, edit, do post production, and update our social media and website. In total, it takes about 16 hours of work just to complete one Postcard for you to enjoy!

There are many other costs associated with running this project like website and video hosting, camera and audio equipment, insurance, legal costs, and all sorts of other expenses. Your Patreon support helps us cover these expenses!

Thank You

Every viewer makes a difference, and for that we thank you all. Our Postcards are free for anyone to watch and enjoy, and we want to keep it that way! If you love our project, please tell your friends and spread the word. With your help, Human Postcards can continue to provide a platform for everyday peoples stories to be heard.

With gratitude,
Nora & Arie

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Our first goal is to raise $100 / month to help fund the second season of Human Postcards.

With all our gratitude,
Nora & Arie
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