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With this tier comes a pretty cool reward. A custom recorded thank you from Hungry Bear! Also includes access to the "Loved Ones" Discord Channel, with the chance of talking with the real Hungry Bear! I know it doesn't sound like much, but Hungry Bear is our God, so you better enjoy it! 

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Your so lucky that you managed to cop a 5 minute video call with Hungry Bear, or any of the Hungry Bear Crew! Plus you get a shiny new role in our discord server ;)

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About Hungry Bear

Good Day! We are the Hungry Bear Crew, here to bring some juicy videos that make everyone laugh! But in all seriousness, The Hungry Bear Experience is a fun, and well rounded youtube channel with intentions to appeal to the masses. We started this channel in High School during out Media Productions class (I know right, we are so cool), and hope that it continues on. We want this channel to be hilarious and family friendly so that anyone can watch! Well, our time sure did seem short lived, but The Hungry Bear Crew hopes to see you again some time! Please so consider donating to our patreon, as it helps us create our videos. Every little bit counts! 
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