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About Hupfen

Hey there! I'm Zoe Landon, also known as Hupfen. I make podcasts about indie video games. Podcasts take time and money to make, so if you like the shows, I'd love your support.

The Shows

Demo Disk

It takes a long time to make a video game. Along the way, designers make a ton of prototypes and experiments, and even when the game is narrowed down, there are lots of iterations before settling down on what ultimately goes for sale. And those experiments can be fascinating.

Demo Disk is a show about video games in progress. We look at demos—naturally—along with prototypes, betas, jam games, and all sorts of examples of what games could look like soon. The good, the bad, the ugly, the weird: they're all worth a look.

You can see and listen to all our episodes on our website,

Game Retro

Video games don't exist in a vacuum. They reflect the world around us, and their success—or failure—has a strong effect on the people who make them. When it's an independent video game, one that a small team pours their hearts and souls into, it matters even more.

Game Retro takes a retrospective look at independent video games from more than five years ago. We not only talk to one of its creators about how it's impacted their life, but we look at the bigger picture. How do these games interact with society? What can they say about us?

You can see and listen to all our episodes on our website,

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Putting together an episode takes time: researching, coordinating interviews, recording, editing, and that's just for what you can hear. Several tools we use also cost money. Your paid subscription helps keep the show alive, and as it grows will help to improve the product even further.


Demo Disk

Game Retro

About The Host

Zoe Landon has been making content for and about video games for over 15 years. After a career in software engineering, she obtained a Masters in journalism and communications. She now lives outside Vancouver, BC. You can find her on Twitter, or streaming various independent games on Twitch.
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