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About Husband and Husband

Hey guys!  

We're Jonathan and Aaron, creators of the weekly gay comic, Husband&Husband ( We created this Patreon to offer exclusive comics, videos, and more to our biggest supporters. We will of course, always post for free to those that cannot afford to help, but we'd love to create something special for our supporters :)

Patreon is great because with as little as $2 a month, you can help support creators you like. We will post Patreon exclusive comics a few times a month to show our eternal gratitude, along with other randomness :)

So if you want to help us reach our goals and like seeing our comics and videos, we would love your help! If you cannot contribute, we understand and will still love you. :) Just a couple of husbands trying to make a career out of our creativity.

Peace and love, and take care!
Husband & Husband

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To be able to live and produce multiple comics every week, and exclusive comics to our lovely Patrons! <3
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