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Get access to "HWS Pro" HWS Connect Features.

  • Filter for OCD and Structure Commander
  • Filter for the HWS Marketplace
  • Buy / Sell items straight out from your OCD
  • Group Mode for the HWS Marketplace
  • Daily Elemental Bank Interest automatically delivered if you are active
  • Whisper to players straight out from the Hunterboard view
  • Chatbot commands have a 8 seconds cooldown
  • Get 1% Discount for HWS Garage ships for Credits and RP
  • Get 1% Discount for HWS Support Packages on the website:  https://support.hws.global
  • A special Discord Role (other name color)
  • A special Forum Badge + Group
  • A special "Thank You" position in HWS Connect for everyone to see
Includes Discord benefits
HWS Survivor
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On top of all previous rewards:

Get access to "HWS Survivor" HWS Connect Features.

  • Automatic Orbital Autominer Fueler: if they run empty, fuel is taken from your OCD automatically
  • Chatbot commands have a 6 seconds cooldown 
  • Send credits to players straight out from the Hunterboard table
  • Get 3% Discount for HWS Garage ships for Credits and RP  
  • Get 3% Discount for HWS Support Packages on the website
  • Possible to join an Event queue even if offline
Includes Discord benefits
HWS Veteran
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 On top of all previous rewards:

Get access to "HWS Veteran" HWS Connect Features.

  • Global Player Config: control special settings with the co:? / co:info command
  • Chatbot commands have a 4 seconds cooldown
  • Passive Daily Loot Grabber: as long as you are logged in to HWS Connect and online ingame, it is delivered to you automatically 
  • Content of OAM goes to OCD, if OAM storage is full
  • Get notified of online players in the Hunterboard
  • Get 5% Discount for HWS Garage ships for Credits and RP  
  • Get 5% Discount for HWS Support Packages on the website
Includes Discord benefits




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Hi HWS Community and welcome on our Patreon page!

Jascha and I (RexXxuS) started the HWS server on March 2016.
Since then we spent roughly over 15000 hours into all of our features, helping players, supporting Eleon, other server owners and focus in general in improving Empyrion, because that is the game we really like.
First as players, now as Owner / Admins with knowledge nobody can compete with.

It started completely voluntary as a "hobby" for me, I spent my own earned money into it.
Then, over time and more dedication, it grew, so the high server costs now of over  $700 could be managed with the help of the community.

Now, enjoying it even more and spending full time into HWS it became living as good as possible. While I sacrificed a "real" job for HWS, my goal is to provide fun for thousands of players and if everything works out, maybe expand. 

After Jascha started to work on EAH "for fun" and helping me, it became quite fast our playground of advanced stuff to manage and helping many players. The reason it got implemented into the core of Empyrion.
From there on he still works on it and helping me with HWS but for his living he must still work regular in his "real" job.

If you in exchange like what we are doing, we honestly appreciate it a lot if you want to support us monthly!
Our Goals and pledge ideas will grow over time and a promise we can make is:
As long as we exist, we will try our best to generate cool content with you and for you, for everyone!

HWS is not associated with Eleon Game Studios in any way!

HWS Website

HWS Connect



Our rules also applies to Patreon! (same as Support Packages or anything) Only because you "pay" does not mean you have more rights than other. You can get kicked and banned as Patreon the same as without.

HWS Connect Tier Feature List

Please keep in mind that this list expands over time and is kind of depended from the Goals you can see on the left! It's also not settled yet if only Patrons get all the features forever or if they are just Early Access user and all the rest get these features too, just way later.

For all 
Tier Features please check the Benefits on the right.

For all HWS Patron Commands, please scroll down to the bottom here:
$1,685 of $2,000 per month
Finally! Redesigning the whole website - mainly HWS Connect v5!

Major improvements in Design / Layout is planned and overdue.
It should feel more intuitive and fun on every device.

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