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About hyattfam5

Hello and welcome to the HFA Family! We're super excited that you're interested in supporting us!

About us:
We are a family of five that decided to press pause for a year, step off the hamster wheel of life, and do some traveling and exploring, all while (mainly) living out of our SUV.

In the winter of 2017, we put our conventional lives on hold and made time to camp in and explore the states we usually drive through on our way to and from vacations in San Diego, CA. We followed our feet to places we’d always wanted to experience but were too busy with everyday life to see. We intended to spend a year this way then reevaluate our standing and proceed from there. Little did we know, our decision to let the road carry us off would change our whole perspective on life. Our year is over now but we’ve decided to move forward with a new set of plans and goals.

We decided we should while we still could (We're not spring chickens) So we did!

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The Hyatt's
Hudson, CJ, Evy, Lea & Mei
#hyattfamilyadventures #hyattfam5
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