is creating game server emulation software for PSO2, etc
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About Eidolon

Hello! I'm a software engineer working on game server emulation technology, games, music and art. This Patreon will primarily fund the development and maintenance of a Phantasy Star Online 2 private server emulator currently in active development. However, this is a very early phase for making this publicly known, and I will not be making it widespread quite yet.

I do not have anything to show at the moment, however Patrons may get to see exclusive update content regarding the PSO2 server. Access to the server will not be granted by pledge for various reasons, however total pledge amount may influence how early the server is made available.

I do not wish to make the server generally available until it has a reasonable set of features and stability. Currently, there is a basic level of support for:

  • Zone instancing
  • Player character and account state storage
  • Inventory management
  • Action palette management
  • Skill use (at a baseline, we can recognize which skills that objects use)
  • Enemies and enemy AI for most enemies in the game

Development is difficult to sustain, as I work a full-time day job. My hope is that income from this page will provide enough that I can leave my day job and work full time on the server and other independent work.

The project is currently developed mostly in Kotlin for the JVM, and also uses Lua as a supplementary scripting language, with additional dev tools written in JavaScript. In addition to the server, tools for reading the game's various client asset formats are used for research.
0% complete
I will make Patron update posts with information about what's being worked on with some regularity, as development allows for. This can be difficult at times, as specific research hurdles may take significant amounts of effort to overcome. These Patron updates may also include non-PSO2 server work.

This goal also sustains the funding of minimum infrastructure necessary to stand up a production test server for public access (when that becomes available), and also to store historical backups of Windows client updates. This update backup service may be made available to Patrons as well.
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