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You gave me a buck! Your reward is the satisfaction of knowing you supplemented some poor fuck's minimum wage budget by a whole dollar and actually probably less than a dollar because of charges and such. please pick a slightly higher tier of reward for my sake, friends.
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Send me a prompt and I will 100% write somethin' horse-based based on it, minimum 500 words.
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Okay now you're getting a bit silly. Don't you have anything better to spend your money on? Well, it's not like 10 extra bucks isn't appreciated, so I'll give you the $5 reward but with the minimum wordcount upped to 1000.
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what the fuck kind of cashflow do you have to be able to casually spend $100 on my little pony fanfiction.
Your reward is knowing that you wasted $100 on my little pony fanfiction. How sad your life must be.
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who are you
how do you know where i live
i am calling the police




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Do you like horses? Do you like fanfiction? No? then why are you here jesus stop being such a goddamn downer you always do this every fucking time karl why can't you just be supportive of my interests. But if you do, then I guess you might like the stuff I do. I guess. I dunno, I just wanna supplement my income a bit, I got's no illusions of folks actually givin' me money for this, but it'd be nice.
$0 of $100 per Story
I really doubt that this'll ever get to this point, but if it does I promise you I will pound out at least 500 words a week.
I dunno I couldn't think of anything better to use as a goal.
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