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You get to see the sketches of each page as I finish them, they can come out MONTHS before I actually have to make lineart and color for them, so you can keep up with the story with the most recent updates.
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You get a free custom colored sketch from me every month with your own character, you also get to see scrapped pages.




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About HypnoDrama

The Glosling is a comic about a boy named Jeoffrey in a world of creatures that can create and destroy with pens that come out of their tails.
The authoritarian rule of the courts take away the freedom of each individual to chose to either create OR destroy.
Jeoffrey, once his dreams of becoming a destroyer were crushed, decides to join a rebellion to destroy the courts and free Glosland.

Read it for free at: http://the-glosling.webcomic.ws/


All of the money I get from my patreon will be used exclusively to support this project, mainly making a new, better website and buying materials and programs to improve the quality of the comic.

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I'll update to a better website that I can host locally for a better viewing experience for YOU, the reader!
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