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About Drew Byrne

Hi there! My name's Drew Byrne! I'm an independent writer hailing from the sunny beaches of Toronto, Canada. I'm the creator of the Japanese-styled comic, Snowbound! Writing is my greatest passion; I've never gotten as much joy out of anything as I have from being able to create stories for people. It's always been a thrill to create a story, to share it with my friends and family and just see how people like it. However, I want to go further with this and no longer make it a hobby. I want to bring my works to the world, and make it something I spend my entire life doing!

Two pages from Snowbound's first chapter.

At this time nearly all of my story projects, all of which are creator-owned, are designed for one of three areas: comics, animation and games. As such, I want to produce these stories as they were intended to be. The problem is I didn't get into the idea when I was young, had no responsibilities and had money to spare. I decided to make this change when I'm a "grown up" with things like bills and other important responsibilities, things I can't afford to do just yet if I stick to full time writing.

A bag print of the protagonists of my upcoming comic, Star of Destiny. Drawn by mayshing

This is why I'm here on Patreon. I want to be able to put all my effort into writing, into making stories and then bring them to life via games, comics, animations and any other medium that works. However, I need to be able to both support my own living and support funding my projects since most of these projects have me hiring other people to do the things I can't do (like draw). 

An animated trailer for Snowbound. Animated by mayshing

My goal here on Patreon is simple: raise money to allow me to spend my time working as a writer, and to fund projects during their start-up until they can sustain themselves. Having the support of people like you, I can dedicate myself more wholly to this. I can bring my works to life so that you can enjoy them.

Character design of a character from my game concept, Templar Valkyrie. Drawn by Lilaccu

I believe in keeping my stories free, when possible. Any and all comics or animations I produce will be this way. I don't intend to change on this. So for Patrons, I intend to provide a behind-the-scenes look. In addition, over time I'll try and have material made specifically for Patrons such as desktop wallpapers.

A desktop wallpaper of a character from Snowbound. Drawn by rikae

Thank you for reading through this all! I hope I can count on your support!

A character design for my upcoming comic, Star of Destiny. Drawn by mayshing
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