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About Hyun's Dojo

What is Hyun's Dojo?
Hyun's Dojo is a place where you can go watch, create, and socialize anything about art & animation. The Dojo was created to be a community-based hub where aspiring artists can show of their animations, learn more about animating by meeting and collaborating with other people, and to have all the tools necessary to push creativity beyond its limits. The Dojo will always cater to the community to provide the best animation experience possible.

You help the development of Hyun's Dojo
The Dojo is still in its development stages where we still have a large list of features and ideas yet to add. With Patreon's help, the Dojo will be able to continue development with more and more features for the community.

You help reward new and talented animators
Every month we see new, awesome talent from people we've haven't even heard about!  The Dojo helps the artists by featuring their animations to gain more exposure to the world where they can be more appreciated for their hard work.  With Patreon's support, we will be able to further reward these animators by offering prizes for top quality animations!  A percentage of the patreon earnings will go to these animators to show that hard work can be rewarded to anyone who puts in the effort of making great content!

You help support the Dojo Inhouse Animators
Apart from the community, Hyun's Dojo also has a team of inhouse animators that work on high quality animation projects for the community.  Patreon will help fund these animators to help them get paid for all the hard work and countless hours they put into their projects.  Some of the animators consists of Terkoiz, Hyun, Miccool, and Jomm, but the list will keep growing as we find more and more talented animators from the Dojo!

You help increase prizes for competitions, collabs, and events
Another important part of the Dojo is to host creative competitions and collaborations with the community.  The Dojo will host one official event every 1-2 months and  the winners/participants of these events will get prizes or cash.  Patreon will help increase the prize pool for these events to get the people more involved in events!
$46 of $80 per month
Like any website, Hyun's Dojo runs on servers and a domain that need to be maintained to keep running.  If we just reach $80 a month, the website will be 100% self sustained!
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