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Custom Apple device, Thank you and Patreon Updates

Official supporter status and a device to show it! At this level, you'll get a custom iCrackUriDevice team designed Apple device graphic (it could be an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, etc). You'll also of course receive access to my "Patreon Posts", which will have complete details on the status of the campaign and regular updates on what I'm working on. Most of you know I like to keep Twitter updates concerning new videos pretty cryptic. You also have my official and absolute permission to use adblock on my videos (because you'll be helping in a much grander way)!

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Early Access & Description Feature: Things just got interesting 

You're a premium supporter and you'll get the VIP treatment! Contributors at this stage will receive direct early access to non-time sensitive videos (all videos other than crucial jailbreak/iOS updates & tutorials) approximately 24 hours before they're published out to the world. You'll be a part of an exclusive group with early access and, guess what, you'll be able to view the videos free of ads because they won't be monetized on YouTube until they're official published. Oh, and you'll also receive your name in the description of a video at least once!

+ the above reward

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Exclusive Jailbreak Update Notifications = A HUGE Time Saver

Official Jailbreak notifications and alerts!
Waiting for a new jailbreak can be frustrating, I know. Therefore, to save time and to maintain your cool, if you're a contributor at this level you'll know the second a new jailbreak drops. Due to the nature of my work, I know the instant a new jailbreak utility is released to the world and because of this, so will you! Ensuing the release of a new jailbreak, before I even set to work on creating my video and written tutorials, I'll take to Patreon to alert all supporters of this tier and inform them of the release  and provide an official link to the jailbreak.

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About iCrackUriDevice

Hi, iCrackUriDevice Fans!

Who am I?

A brief overview of my story:

My Name is Tanner and for over five years I've dedicated my time, energy and knowledge to creating some of the most popular iOS and Apple-related tech content on YouTube, especially where jailbreaking is concerned. Like most individuals who hone their crafts, I've vastly improved the quality of the videos I produce and have reached a level of success I could only have dreamt of when I started the channel in high school. However, now that I've reached another massive milestone, 700,000 subscribers (thank you SO MUCH btw), I've been contemplating what's next: expansion!

Running the iCrackUriDevice YouTube channel is no easy task - I'm constantly striving to bring you breaking updates in the realm of iOS and Jailbreaking first! Patreons', with your support I intend to improve the quality of my channel even further, expand into new areas and launch more giveaways (possibly sans FreeAppsFast - regular viewers will know what I'm referring to). This is an exciting time and I hope you'll support me in my efforts to expand and bring the best tech content to YouTube!

Three Points To Expansion

What will happen to your contributions: 

Firstly, Giveaways! I've always loved the concept of giveaways, raffles, drawings, whatever you choose to call them. I feel it's important to give back to the viewers who have helped me reach the level of YouTube channel success I have today. With your support, I want to both reduce and eventually eliminate sponsored giveaways (i.e. FreeAppsFast) and simply giveaway MORE of everything: gift cards, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TVs and possibly even MACS! 

- Secondly, I'm at the point where I want to move beyond the scope of merely Apple product coverage and the occasional one-off products from other brands (Samsung, iRobot, etc). In order to properly accomplish this step, I'm going to need to bring someone else on board the iCrackUriDevice team (which currently consists of myself, my dog and my mother, without whom I never would have had the support needed to start my channel in the first place). Seriously, I want to bring on someone who will be able to aid in everything from content creation, to editing my videos and even assisting in graphics design/production - I already have a great candidate in mind. 

- Thirdly, provided we're able to expand beyond the second point, we'll need office space! Needless to say, that can be rather pricey. However, it should pay off in the long term, as it will allow for significantly improved production quality. Currently, I have a home office and all of the shots are captured in various spots around my house. Having dedicated office space will enable us to setup permanent "sets" or "stages" for varying types of videos; unboxings, news updates, tutorials, and so on. 

Finally, there are of course other goals and milestones that both accompany the above three points and compliment them. In other words, the channel will improve in more ways than listed above in light of your generous contributions. 

Concluding Thoughts

It's time to get real:

I've put my blood, sweat and tears into YouTube (literally), and I couldn't be happier with the results. Regardless of whether you help contribute to the expansion of the iCrackUriDevice YouTube channel, thank you so much for aiding me in my quest to share my knowledge and love of technology with the planet. I won't stop until I've reached all goals outlined in this Patreon campaign and I hope you'll join me in helping the channel grow by pledging. Also note that I've put an enormous amount of time into coming up with what I think are some really EPIC REWARDS to show you how grateful I am for your contributions. 

[Concerning the higher up pledge rewards: you don't have to continually pay for them monthly (but you can if you want to help me reach my goals faster) and you can downgrade or upgrade at ant time! ]

Thank you again so much for your support throughout the years! You've helped me in more ways than you can imagine! 
0% complete
Reaching this milestone will ensure that I'm able to hold a giveaway for a shiny new iPad Pro - possibly monthly (without the aid of FreeAppsFast).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts
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