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About Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi)

Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi) was formed in September 2006.

Founded by Gregory MacMartin, the formation came immediately after Gregory had just shipped "Scarface: The World Is Yours,” where he was responsible for the creation and polishing of the game's "Gang Nests.” This was his 6th AAA corporate video game production, as an employee.

He was becoming increasingly sick of games about mindless killing, death and destruction. Also zombies, darkness, grimness and brutality. Fast forward 13 years, and the games industry remains as obsessed with these things as ever! We here at iDGi find this to be a sad state of affairs.

Some say this is because “that’s what gamers want,” but we’d like to believe it’s more because that’s the easiest road to profit. Many commercial games are greenlit specifically to feed greedily off our deepest fears, and our darkest impulses. And it works.

The iDGi core mandate has always been simple, though rare in today’s world:

Pushing the art-form of interactive storytelling through the creation of immersive first-person experiences with a moral compass.

Since our inception, we've accomplished the following:

We were able to reach the development finish line for CONSORTIUM (C1) only because of a successful Kickstarter for the project, where we eventually delivered dozens of posters, T-shirts, books, DVDs/CDs and more to our awesome backers.

To be able to internally green-light the production of a sequel, a successful Fig campaign got us off to the races. 

We are not your typical commercial video game developer.

In some ways, iDGi is closer to an R&D (Research and Development) firm. We have stayed true to our mandate from the get-go and remain dedicated to realizing a new kind of video game - one that focuses almost exclusively on harnessing player agency to enable a type of character driven interactive storytelling not bound by gamey constraints and tired genre conventions. 

We have a number of key iDGi initiatives in various stages of development, and this Patreon is about offering YOU a chance to join us in our mission.  You can directly support the production budgets of iDGi projects.

12% complete
Helps cover various expenses to help keep us in operation and allows us to spend more time working purely on creative iDGi initiatives. (i.e game development).

Upon reaching this goal, Gregory will commit to monthly 2+hr Twitch stream sessions where he will play new or old games, talk about and possibly showcase new iDGi content, and answer any questions you might have!
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