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Pledging $1 a month will give you access to the exclusive Patron only creator feed where you get to stay up to date with upcoming video projects and get an inside look to the creators creation process. 
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You get access to the patreon exclusive creator feed and you get put into the patreon contributor section of the description below every video! 
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Pledging $15 a month gets you 7 days early access to all videos uploaded to the channel that way you stay on top of every build that I post and your always on the top of your game when it comes to game play.




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About iFlynn

Hey guys whats up its iFlynn here in text form and today we are going to be talking about my patreon and why you should consider contributing monthly to my self and my content production team! 

Why you should contribute to iFlynn
So its not that big of a secret that youtubers make a decent amount of money, Hey for a seventeen year old who just started out on youtube to help people get better at a game I would say that my turnover was pretty good to say the least, but Flynn if your getting money from youtube then why should we even bother with patreon to begin with? 

Patreon is an extremely great platform in my opinion to really connect with those who support my self and the content that I produce, It allows me to offer unique rewards for the top contributors to those who ultimately help shape the future not just for my self but the channels content in general. The money that we receive will be put towards nothing but improving the overall quality of the videos and streams produced from the channel and everything that is purchased with the patron money will be documented here on the site along side a video that may be shared publicly on youtube in the form of a vlog as I intend on doing daily vlogging as soon as we get a decent amount of revenue flowing in along side something that really adds a sense of interest or entertainment to my real life that would be worth documenting and sharing on youtube. 

To add a little bit more context to the previous statement I am a 17 year old who currently lives with his mother and father who run a baby sitting business which takes in eight children a day from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon some times over weekends, now as cute as that may sound it is more of a frustration than a pleasure as the conditions for recording commentary something my channel is heavily based around with regards to recording build and tutorial videos are not ideal as they like to scream A LOT.

To sum it up really Patron is going to act as the enabler for a lot more interesting and frequent content to be uploaded to a variety of channels including my main channel which will post daily Warframe content along with the Sortie stream and Whats up with Warframe podcast as usual, Daily vlogs on my iFlynn Vlogs channel and much much more all while giving back to you guys based on the amount you pledge per month.

Now whats in it for me? The Pledger
Now of course no one just gives away their money for the sake of being nice or helping some one out unless it was going to charity, for the sake of being fair and sticking to my morals I did not want to start up a patreon or any sort of crowed funding campaign without giving back to those who pledge so this is why we have devised multiple tiers of rewards for different tiers of pledgers ranging from just general get in on the gossip type things for example allowing you access to the patreon exclusive news feed on our page to things such as exclusive merchandise that we plan on manufacturing and distributing in the future at no extra cost as well as involvement in some up coming projects that we may have and the knowledge that you are helping out content creators who are extremely passionit about what they do and the quality of content that they provide 

Future Expansion
As the channel grows bigger and bigger more content to the pledgers will be offered as we will in hind sight be able to offer a lot more resources as we will have a lot more to offer take for example possibly the knowledge on how to start a successful youtube channel, how to network, how to create connections between your self the content creator and the fans, More merchandise as mentioned before we plan on selling T-Shirts at some point within the channels life cycle so you can get your hands on some swag at not extra cost kinda like loot box except not every month but only when a new shirt is released, A sneak peak preview at upcoming projects for the channel how they are recorded and edited, inspirations for the ideas and why we choose a particular route over the other and even possibly more youtube channels being started up to offer a lot more content for you guys! 

Early Access
As of right now our main source of income is from the advertisements placed along side our Youtube videos, If you were to pledge $30 a month we will grant you early access to upcoming content on the main channel and a few of the others once they become more established and have a decent flow of content going, This means that you will be able to watch all of the latest and greatest build videos, get inside information on things that are upcoming in warframe and the community and be alot more invested within the community its self.

The only reason we consider this as a pledger reward is because it will allow us to keep all of our content in one place instead of expanding to another platform such as vessel which makes users pay a particular amount of money where a large sum of that money goes to vessel instead of the content creator. 

Rewards in the future
Ofcourse upon request and popular demand the rewards can and will change meaning that you will most likely be getting more for your money later on down the line for example if you pledge $30 as we will in time add a $15 a month pledge meaning that you will get that on top of your original $30 a month rewards so sit tight and keep your eyes on them rewards bro! 
$0 of $1,000 per month
This will allow us to setup with a private office to record with high speed Ethernet, Air conditioning, and Ample sound conditions. The Majority of this budget will be spent on two high powered PC's for my self and friend to edit, record and stream on.
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