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About iShockGamers

iShockGamers is a community for those passionate about gaming, content creation, talent and entertainment in general. My long term goal is to become a brand that helps other creators turn their passion into professions. We are currently living in the most increadable time in history to be a creator. Businesses like Patreon, Youtube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and many others have put the power to share your talent with the world in your hands and making a living doing it. 

I have always been the "pay it forward" type. So understand by supporting iShockGamers you are indirectly supporting many other creators as well. I am grateful for everyone past, present and future who has helped support my passion. I look forward to the future and helping others grow theirs as well. 

Thank you for your support!

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At $100 per month I will start a monthly video promotional series. I will pick an iShockGamers Patreon supporter at random and they will get to choose a creator, streamer, game, event or charity that they wish to promote and support. Together we will create a video and It will be featured on the front page of the iShockGamers youtube, as well as promoted through the stream for that month! 
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